1953 Porsche 356 Typ 540 (American Roadster)

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1953 Porsche 356 Typ 540 “American Roadster”

The last Roaster made by coach builder Glaser-Heuer and the only one made of steel rather than aluminium. With Heuer build number K9/1, this Roadster featured an integrated windshield frame which accentuated the elegant body lines designed by Erwin Komenda.

K9/1 is considered “the bridge” in concept to the later 356 Speedster.

For more detailed information, read the definitive book: “Porsche SPeedster TYP 540 Quintessential Sports Car.” A must read for any self professed collector or Porschephile.






1953 Porsche 356 Typ 540 “American Roadster”

  • VIN #: 12371 (Heuer no. K9/1)
  • Engine #: 40511
  • Exertior Color: Rosede Green
  • Interior Color: Tan Leather
  • The only steel bodied Roadster built by Heuer
  • Max Hoffman originally sold this Roadster to Hubert Brundage (Brumos Porsche fame) and was raced in the 12 hrs of Sebring
  • FIA registered
  • Mulitple national concours award winner
  • Great ownership history

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1953 Porsche 356 Typ 540 (American Roadster)