1962 (T6) 356B Super 90 Roadster

this vehicle has been


chassis no.
Exterior color
Ruby Red code 6202
interior color
Tan leather (originally black)

1 of 247 made

The 1962 Typ 356B (T6) twin-grille roadster marked the historic end of Porsche’s Speedster and Roadster era. An owner could turn the Speedster and Roadster into a windshield-less racing car by removing 2 bolts and lifting out the windshield and frame. Long before NASCAR coined the phrase “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday,” Porsche was doing just that!


Porsche assembled only 247 of these twin-grille Roadsters, offering a choice of three different engines, the 60-horsepower normal, the 75-horsepower Super, and the 90-horsepower Super 90. These fit any Porsche budget. The example you see here is simply the best in existence we’ve ever seen, bar none! The car made its way to the Northwest through Gary Emory’s long time friend Don Marks. Don sold this car in the early 2000’s to one of our good friends. He, in turn, sold it a few years later to a great friend of his who undertook the complete restoration. The Pacific Northwest has its fair share of craftsmen but rarely does a team of artists collaborate so well. Terry Forland and Chris Powell managed the entire project from start to finish and the results are stunning.


Even though it was an excellent car from the west coast, 40 years of exposure will take its toll. All of the metal work was handled flawlessly with a bump or two; the pan replacement and leaded seams were accomplished expertly. The paint is as good as a $60,000+ paint job  – 10 years ago – can be! The original engine and transmission where rebuilt by Chris’s German and these perform as well as you could imagine. The interior was entirely hand made using the finest quality leather from the original coverings as patterns.


This car is one of only 37 Super 90 Roadsters ever manufactured. The car was shown at the Keystone Porsche Parade in 2009, where it won the Zuffenhausen Award scoring 297.5 points out of 300! It looks, runs, and drives flawlessly, and you won’t have to wait through another five-year restoration to enjoy it!

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1962 (T6) 356B Super 90 Roadster