1962 Volkswagen 23 Window Microbus (Awesome patina and great driver)

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1962 VW “Samba”

The Samba, as it is known, is the most sought-after of all the VW bus models. The 23-window buses as they are called these days (counting the windows is self- explanatory) had low survival rates and thus they are all-the-more coveted by collectors. Restored models bring more than $200K and, as with most restored cars, you have no idea what they started with!

This is the ultimate “Hippie Bus”. In the 1960’s thru the 1970’s the Volkswagen Type 2 was a major mode of transportation for the counter culture of the Vietnam era youth. The low price and simplicity made these the vehicle of choice whether heading to Wood Stock or to protests on the National Mall in D.C. You could pile in all your coneys [WHAT IS THIS???], and all the weed you could possibly smoke, leave Daddy’s mansion in the Hamptons, and act – for a brief time – like you weren’t entitled and the world owed you something. Huh! Sounds like history repeats itself?

This bus is just plain bitchin’! It’s all original and it’s as close to rust free as you will ever find in a bus because it spent most of its life down on the Texas/Mexico Border. The paint has patina – to say the least – but it is original, and let’s face it, Daddy would not have wanted this thing parked in the garage anywhere near his Cadillac, so its weathered too. The interior is a bit rough because it, too, is original. The original interior panels were removed to preserve them and quickly thrown in when it came time to drive around, and the seats were wrapped up to prevent further ripping. The engine has been rebuilt using a newer carburetor and intake, so the bus can get out of its own way. The transaxle will need syncro’s, but for buzzing around town it’s just Awesome!

It’s well-sorted and it gets more looks than anything we have ever driven! I have to say everyone thought I was nuts when I brought this home, but it is now the shop favorite! The original interior and engine parts are included of course but the weed is up to you!


Vin Number: 916146

Engine Number: 9208548

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1962 Volkswagen 23 Window Microbus (Awesome patina and great driver)