1963 Jaguar Mark II Saloon 3.8

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Adhering to Sire William Lyons maxim of “grace, pace and space”, the Mark 2 was a beautiful, fast and capable saloon.

The Mark 2 gained a reputation as a capable car among criminals and law enforcement alike; the 3.8 Liter model being particularly fast with its 220 bhp engine driving the car from 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 8.5 seconds and to a top speed of 125 mph with enough room for five adults. Popular as getaway cars, they were also employed by the Police to patrol British motorways. They were also raced successfully in the European Touring Car Championship.

The Mark 2’s body lines, derived from the Mark 1, and overall layout proved sufficiently popular over time to provide an inspiration for both the Jaguar S-Type introduced in 1999 and the smaller X-Type debuted in 2001.

This matching numbers Mark 2 (Chassis P218126DN, Body S015160, Engine LB6236-8) has only covered 702 miles after a exquisite restoration. It offers a practical opportunity to travel in style with your cohorts.

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1963 Jaguar Mark II Saloon 3.8