1964 356C Carrera 2 (Numbers Matching) SOLD

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In 1964 the Carrera II was at the top of the heap in 356 Performance Porsche’s. Following on from the 356B Carrera 2 the 1964 356C version introduced an improved braking system now employing all round discs with which to slow the car down from its 125mph top speed.

This Carrera 2’s most prominent selling point is it’s Dr. Ernst Fuhrman designed Type 587 engine. Featuring 4 cams, plain bearings and 1966cc this was the last of competition tested, 2 liter engines to leave the factory in a production 356. The torque curve was broad and flat, and peaked at an impressive 131 pounds/feet at 4,600 rpm which also gave it a quick 0-60 time of around 9 seconds, quiet a feat 1964. Although the 356C Carrera 2 was an improved version of the earlier cars, only 126 were produced before production was ended in 1965.

Our Carrera II was purchased new in Munich, Germany in 1964 buya Doctor for his daughter. The second owner bought the car in 1966 and then had it shipped to Canada in 1967. The third owner was Cappy Thompson, he bought the car in 1968 and the immigrated to New Zealand in 1975 and brought the car with him. Cappy repainted his otherwise original Carrera in 1983 to fix a bump in the left front fender and a few years later sold his beloved 356. May of 1988 after 21 years and 1/2 the world away from its beginning to another Porsche file, Phil Harris bought Cappy’s Carrera that had covered just over 72,000 Km’s (45,000 miles) since leaving Stuttgart over 24 years earlier.

Phil rebuilt the original engine from 1992-94 in New Zealand (with the help of Billy Doyles parts supply) and enjoyed his Carrera for another 5,000km’s before listing her for sale in the “Hemmings Motor News” in August of 1998 for $69,000 dollars.

Duane Hartley of Santa Rosa was the lucky buyer and he brought her to his California home. Duane wrote Phil on September 28th of 1998:

“Well, it arrived. I was there to break the seal: we pulled it out, and it started right up. It’s great, it’s just what I wanted. It’s a real solid car that needs cosmetics, but it drives great!”

Duane painstakingly went over this Carrera and soon after receiving the car went to Steve DeJung of DeJungs Motorsports for help. The first step was the body which they had Anderson’s Vintage Restoration services handle. They completely media blasted the body and wheel wells and found they only needed new door skins. The 356 was painted, color sanded and buffed to what you see here today! The bumper trim was changed to GT Type and the rest of original trim was refinished and put back in place. The interior was re-finished by Tony Garcia and the original headliner still remains. The car is straight and true and shows exceptionally well. The Engine was found to have debris in it (media contaminated the oil tank during stripping) so Billy Doyle performed his magic on her back in 2000 with a full rebuild. Duane sold his Carrera II back in February of 2002 to a gentleman in Redondo Beach who held the car in his collection until we bought it in January of this year.

This Carrera is one of only 126 1964 Carrera II’s produced and 1 of 1 with this kind of 6 owner documentation ! The original owners manual, toolkit and documentation completes the package for this lucky 356.

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1964 356C Carrera 2 (Numbers Matching) SOLD