1965 Porsche 356 SC (Numbers matching paint and paint to sample VW Yellow Green) SOLD

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We stumbled on this 356 SC coupe a few years ago in a Southern California shop awaiting restoration. The long term owner had acquired it in the early 1990’s while he was still in high school, buthe  needed to sell it in order to fund the restoration of another 356. Although it originally was imported from Europe, the car was exceptionally solid and it appears to have spent the majority of its life in Southern California. When we first saw the car, we were taken aback by the color inside the door sill; a bright green we would have never imagined on a 356! The Kardex confirmed this was indeed a paint-to-sample SC in Volkswagen Yellow/Green. The Kardex continued to reveal even more impressive items including chrome wheels and luggage rack, fawn interior with headrest, and an ultra rare inside/outside temperature gauge. Adding those features with the “top of the food chain” SC engine, this is indeed a one-of-a-kind car. The restoration is now complete and we are happy to report that this numbers-matching SC Coupe is here in North Carolina and being fully sorted so that it drives as spectacularly as it looks. Whether you can only have one Porsche or several, this 356 is definitely one of the finest additions you can add to your garage.


VIN #: 131211

Engine #: 821602

Exterior paint color: Paint to sample Yellow-Green (VW color-LKM 12K)

Interior color: Fawn leatherette

Optional equipment:

  • Head-rests, leatherette
  • Radio “Blaupunkt Frankfurt”
  • Chromed wheels
  • Chromed luggage rack
  • Anti-Drone mats “Black”
  • Inside-outside themometer

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1965 Porsche 356 SC (Numbers matching paint and paint to sample VW Yellow Green) SOLD