1965 Porsche 911 (Original 70,000 mile documented example- show car from new)

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The rumors have persisted around southern California for decades about a 1965 Porsche 911 being hidden away in the living room of its original owner. Yeah, right.. we’ve all heard this 3000 times, and they are never more than car show fantasies brought out every year or so for anyone who will listen. Well, I apologize, I have been proven wrong!

All these stories start out the same. A phone call from someone who knows where the car is, and what will buy it – that’s the easy part. So, a friend called telling me about this black 911 he had plucked from this guy’s living room. The car was original paint, original interior, one owner and had been used as a show car since new. “Sure,” I said, followed by, “How much?” The price was categorically nuts! I thought he had lost his marbles and must have been dyslexic to think a 911 was worth that kind of money. He kept on about the car, so, “To hell with it,” I said. I’ll get on a plane and take a peek (since I was only in the farthest point in the US of A away I could get, and my wife wasn’t too pissed – she hadn’t seen me in 3 weeks since I had just finished chasing another rumor that ended with rust bucket)! So, Sunday afternoon I kissed the babies and away I went.

The next morning I was driving one of Hertz’s finest in L.A., going on another wild goose chase trying to find the holy grail. I walked into my buddy’s garage –  and holy s—! The first thing I noticed was the stunning black paint – wow! The glass had all the proper markings and all the trim was exceptional. I had to hold on before I got too excited, so I slowed down and looked for signs of paint work. The paint was exceptional, (if original) so I metered the paint and looked for signs of any work done. Huh, what do you know, it’s original! The engine compartment was the next stop. It, too, was original with the original sound deading still exceptional. The engine was completely gone through after decades of sitting and the Solex’s were tuned to perfection, simply one of the smoothest early 911s I’ve driven.

The interior was no exception; unbelievable. The chassis is fantastic as it was detailed for show in the 1960’s and remains impeccably well-kept. The service booklet and documentation tells the rest of the story. Bought new at Ben Pon’s in Holland in February of 1966. Serviced at Competition Motors on arrival here, and later Vasek Polak in late 1968 with 12,000 miles. The 1976 registration and a few more registrations that had never been put on the car are included, as well as the old photos of her chromed in the show car days.

This represents the rarest of opportunity to become the second owner of an original black early 911 seen to date.


Chassis: 303112

Mileage: 70,000

Numbers matching black car from the factory (original paint/interior)

Used as a show since new

Sold through Ben Pon, serviced at Competition Motors and Vasek Polak

Service book, driver’s manual and took kit

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1965 Porsche 911 (Original 70,000 mile documented example- show car from new)