1965 Porsche 911 – Unrestored, 31K Original Miles

this vehicle has been


chassis no.
Exterior color
Light Ivory
32,926 Miles

Early 911’s are fantastic cars as long as you don’t by a disaster in disguise. Porsches always have been ahead of the rest of the car world when it came engineering. In the mid 1970’s they were one of the first to fully galvanize their car bodies to prevent rust. Unfortunately that came only after about half of everything else they had ever assembled had rusted out and they were beginning to run out of repair panels!

The car’s unibody construction and its undercoating drying up or getting scraped off often meant these cars rotted from the inside out. You scarcely new and hardly cared until the telltale bubbles turned to full fledged holes! As the values of early Porsche’s have accelerated in the past few years, every abandoned, rusted, bent car better used for a boat anchor has re-appeared, now with shinny paint and fresh undercoating covering the God-only-knows-what dirt floor/back room/quilting project repairs. If you’re into arts-and-craft project do-overs, go buy one with no history, and no documentation or decades of missing paperwork. It is, after all, your money! Somewhere there’s an auction company waiting to help you out.

Or You Can Think About This One

Zuffenhausen Werks completed this car on July 8, 1965, and delivered it the following September to its original owner, George Giusti, in New Jersey. The dealer handed over the car to George a bit late, because the delivery documents show the car had a few scratches upon its arrival to the dealership. They couldn’t feather in and match the Light Ivory color properly, so Porsche repainted the entire car before delivery.

Giusti was meticulous, and he documented all the work done on his car. George also could write very small; those notes are written in the margins on the tabs in the service book. His margins indicated all the work performed, mileage on the car at time of service, and these entries are clearly noted through 1981 when he parked the car for its summer duty.

The two layers of paint were starting to fail and in need of attention. In his meticulous way, George decided to have the car completely stripped to bare metal; he found craftsmen who gave this rare 911 given the paint job it deserved. This unrestored 911 is a very special car, having only been repainted but nothing more.

Dieter Inzenhofer, co-founder of Andial, recently serviced the engine, and it is as smooth and tight as a 32,000-mile car should be. This 911 has been featured as a cover story in Panorama and an inside feature in Excellence magazine. Petrolicious has a great video on the car. This likely is one of the best 1965 model-year 911s on the planet, with fascinating documentation, recent service, and exceptional authenticity.



Engine Number: 901799

Transmission Number: 101781

Optional Equipment:

  • Blaupunkt “Frankfurt” Radio
  • Speaker
  • Antenna
  • Auxiliary Heater

Matching numbers totally documented 32K mile example

Detailed service records with original title

Service book, manuals, and took kit

Original Solex Carburetors

Featured in Excellence Porsche Magazine and Petrolicious Video

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1965 Porsche 911 – Unrestored, 31K Original Miles