1966 Porsche 911 originally Aga Blue (Numbers matching, rust free) SOLD

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Every once in awhile we find a really cool rust-free example of an early Porsche and we jump on it. This is one of those rare occasions. While currently painted yellow (which was done many moons ago) this 1966 911 is as close to being rust-free as we have ever seen. However, that is not the only reason we bought it; the real reason is its original color: Aga Blue! Aga is one of the rarest standard colors you can find on an early 911, so to have one that’s not a total rust bucket is even rarer. This car is 100% complete, the numbers match, and it is virtually rust-free (there is one small spot). At 3.5-millimeters paint thickness according to a paint meter, we strongly believe this had to be a bare metal repaint. This 911 is a prime candidate for restoration, and with a little love it could really be brought back to its former glory. No doubt if you’ve ever tried to hunt down the original pieces for a car like this, you know how much money you save by finding one that is already complete!


VIN #: 302981

Engine #: 903143

Original exterior color: Aga Blue

Interior color: Beige leatherette


  • Tinted glass all around
  • Antenna
  • Webasto Heater
  • Phoenix Tires

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1966 Porsche 911 originally Aga Blue (Numbers matching, rust free) SOLD