1966 Porsche 911 painted black at the factory (rust free, great patina, numbers matching)

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     We’ve never been accused of hoarding Porsches. But if anyone ever wanted to know what car we would squirrel away for a dream 911 to drive or restore, this would be it. This 1966 Black 911 is a complete, numbers-matching, rust-free automobile. It has had a single repaint over its 49-year life. The paint gauge reads 12.5 mils all over the car. It retains most of it original interior as well as all of its authentic bits and pieces.

Given how difficult it is to find rust-free early 911s, the price you pay to acquire a car like this will be a huge bargain compared to the costs, expenses, time, and headaches you will incur trying to fix up a typical “boat anchor”-quality project car. A complete car is what most Porsche guys dream about. An un-molested, complete, and authentic early 911 is restorer’s dream.

We are currently doing an engine-out service to tune, re-seal and completely check the drive train. Brakes and brake lines and safety systems will follow. We will make the interior very presentable with a new carpet set and a thorough cleaning. The final item on our list is a few touch ups to cover the scratches to the metal. And then the ultimate, rust free, highly drivable,  wood-dash 911 will be ready to enjoy it. This 911 is as straight-forward as it gets, and the factory Black color makes it exceptionally rare. The fact that it’s a rust free California “Black Plate” car even more desirable. Wonderful patina combine with a fully-serviced-and-sorted driver to yield unheard-of great 911.


Production Completion Date: 04/19/1966

Chassis No: 304207

Engine No: 907482

Transmission No: 230046 (902/1)

Exterior Paint Color/Code: Black/6609

Interior Material Color/Type: Black Leatherette

  • Fully complete, numbers-matching, rust-free 911.
  • One repaint over its original black paint, with the paint-depth gauge reading at 12.5 millimeters.
  • Retains the majority of its original interior.

Optional Equipment:

  • Webasto Heater
  • Phoenix Tires

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1966 Porsche 911 painted black at the factory (rust free, great patina, numbers matching)