1967 Porsche 911S (Original Special Order Paint) (SOLD)

this vehicle has been


SOLD 1967 911S  “Special Paint” Lido Gold


We heard about a 911 a gentleman had recently purchased that was all original with only one owner and that wasn’t red or ivory. Well, being the professional rumor chasers we are, we were able to track it down. The rumor was true, but the car was definitely not for sale. He had promised the original owner he would keep it. We were going to be in the neighborhood (2800 miles away) so we thought we would drop by and see it. Holy cow! What a cool color! We had never been so taken by a color and had never seen or heard of it before: Lido Gold.

The car has 137,000 miles on it and is simply outrageous! The driver’s door appears to be the only paintwork; the original owner bumped it in the garage. The original owner was an engineer so he did all the service himself, including the engine rebuild. He showed us the copies of the original shipping documents. Then he broke out the original owner’s manual and tool kit. The owner would only show us the car; test drive or anything else was out of the question because it wasn’t for sale. In typical Road Scholars fashion, we were not ones to take “no” for an answer, so we offered the dumbest amount of money ever seen for a 911S. He, of course, said it wasn’t for sale so we continued going up until sanity prevailed – his sanity, not ours. Hey, what do ya know, it WAS for sale!

This is a very special car and it’s going to a very special collector. I don’t need 1000 emails. Call or it’s not going to happen. Don’t have your broker call, he’s not going to buy it. A true collector is getting this car for the simple reason: because his collection deserves it! This car is not getting sold outside the U.S. and will be sold with the agreement we get to buy it back when it goes on the market again. The price is staggering, but if you find another, we will buy that one too!


VIN: 307107S

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1967 Porsche 911S (Original Special Order Paint) (SOLD)