1967 Porsche 912 SOLD

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A local client had owned this 912 for a little over a year, and had spent $2500 on service but still couldn’t get it right. He brought it to Road Scholars to have us take a look.  A thorough inspection of the car revealed what we have long known in our business:  that a carbureted engine is now considered “rocket science” to most shops. While this Porsche had plenty of parts thrown at it over the last year, it seems if you re-jet the carbs and set the timing to its correct specifications, the issue is magically resolved! The clutch pedal was at its limit, but a new cable took care of that.

The service booklet indicates it’s a California car and the body proves it. Rust free and only 1 repaint (according to a paint meter) with the original paint still in the jambs. The interior has had a carpet set and a few speakers installed, but is otherwise original down to the optional wood steering wheel. The 6′ Fuchs and fog lights were added sometime along the way.

The more I looked at this 912 sitting in the shop, the more I realized what a great car it is. I made an offer to buy it, and the owner happily accepted. Once we purchased the car, we had to bring it up to our standards, so we replaced the clutch to make sure this 912 needs nothing and is ready to enjoy and drive for many years to come. The original service booklet, emission addendum and a new owner’s manual are included. This car answers the question we constantly get asked: “What can I buy for around $50,000”

–Kevin Watts


  • California car, rust-free
  • Nearly original interior
  • Only 1 repaint, with original paint still in door jambs
  • New clutch added in 2015
  • A great car to drive and enjoy for years to come
  • Original service booklet, COA, emission addendum and a new owner’s manual are included

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1967 Porsche 912 SOLD