1968 Porsche 911S – Project

this vehicle has been


chassis no.
Exterior color
Blood Orange (color code 6809B)
interior color
Black Leather
This is another one of this cars we’ve held onto for years. This 1968 911S is the rarest of all the S models produced with only 1,267 assembled for the world! Blood Orange was simply the best color option in this period, and the car came with a black leather interior and Sport Seats (though those are long gone). It’s 90% complete. Options included a gas heater, electric rear window defroster, and limited slip, along with factory Fuch’s alloy wheels. This car is exceptionally solid but it underwent a color change sometime in its life. This is the perfect, easy  – and worthwhile – restoration candidate


Engine Number: 4080264

Transmission Number: 4280254 (Type 901/02) 

Completed and delivered on: October 17th, 1967
Original Customer: Ernst Schuler from Siegen, Germany.
Special Options:
  • Webasto heater
  • Tinted window glass
  • Electric heated rear window (Rare option)
  • Rear window wiper (Rare option)
  • Recaro Sport Seats in Leather (Rare option)
  • Two headrests
  • Limited slip differential
Porsche 911S Production numbers (includes coupe and targa):
1967: 4,140
1968: 1,709 (1968 the lowest production year for the 911S model)
1969: 2,106
1970: 2,473
1971: 2,218
1972: 2,739
1973: 2,355


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1968 Porsche 911S – Project