1969 911T Targa

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Ferry Porsche was a staunch enthusiast of open-top vehicles, so it was only a matter of time before the newly released 911 would have a cabriolet model to be offered alongside a coupe. Simply slicing off the roof presented a number of complications. Firstly, there was no room to store a collapsible convertible top due to the increased height of the engine from the use of a vertical center mounted cooling fan. Secondly, without the roof, the body was simply not rigid enough to support being a cabriolet and would effectively undo all of Helmuth Bott’s work to remedy handling issues. Creating a 911 Cabriolet would have required extensive development to create entirely new body panels to accommodate the support bows and linkages of a collapsable convertible top. 


Fast forward to 1965- F.A. Porsche and Helmuth Bott had devised a fixed roll bar and additional chassis reinforcement and a soft rear window, resolving the structural challenges and successfully creating the open-car feeling of a cabriolet. The soft rear window created proved to have its own challenges, mainly wind and water sealing issues and a tremendous amount of noise at speed from the rustling of the plastic rear window. In 1969, a fixed rear window was made standard equipment along with revisions to the roof panel for improved sealing. 


This 1969 911T Targa is an all around excellent example of the fixed window models, benefitting from all the handling improvements made for the 1969 models while providing the open-air experience. Chassis number 0478 was ordered and delivered to its first owner in Oregon with the optional tinted and heated rear window, a tinted windshield, a Blaupunkt “Frankfurt” radio with antenna, Michelin Tires and a five-speed transmission. The Comfort equipment option upgraded the trim to that of the 911S, and the optional fog lights with clear lenses were also ordered. Until 2018, this Targa was meticulously cared for and clearly loved by its original owner, who maintained an impressive 49 year tenure. The original Tangerine paint shows beautifully, as does the entirely original black leatherette interior. 50,965 miles are shown on the odometer, evidence that its original owner stretched the Targa’s legs fairly regularly, presumably on the magnificent, scenic winding roads of the Pacific Northwest. 


Chassis 0478 is certainly among the best examples of the fixed window Targa models, bringing together all of the wonderful characteristics of the revered long hood 911s with the open-air experience of a cabriolet. With warm weather on the horizon, this 911 is certain to bring many years of joy to its next owner. 



1 Owner until 2018
Original Paint
Original Interior
50,965 Miles

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1969 911T Targa