1969 Camaro Rally Sport (original and documented survivor) SOLD

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On March 14, 1970, Charles and Tharon Nimmo walked into Casey Chevrolet in Newport News, Virginia shopping for a new car.  The model year changeover that previous October had brought new cars to the showroom.
Since the ’70 model Camaros had arrived, Mr. Pauley (the Salesman) was ready to strike a deal.  This ’69 RS had arrived at Casey on October 24th and was approaching 5 months in inventory.  The mark up on a $3570.05 Camaro didn’t leave much room to work, but didn’t matter as Tharon knew what she liked. This Camaro was equipped with some very unusual options that were perfect for her.
The Dover White exterior was perfect in her eyes when combined with the Rally Sport option.  The “steel-belted” 14 inch white wall tires and full wheel covers had the look she was after. Inside she was drawn to the dark blue custom vinyl interior (basket weave) with strato-bucket seats and center console.  The 307 V8 engine with the rare power-glide transmission was perfect for her duties around Williamsburg.
Over the years, Tharon enjoyed and took care of her car.  When she bumped the side of the garage, got a door ding, or chip she would always touch them up with her tube of paint.  Those are the only touch-ups ever done and the original paint remains.  In the early 1980’s her driver’s seat got a tear and she had it recovered. The basket weave wasn’t available so she put a deluxe cover on the driver’s seat only.  We simply corrected the seats and installed a new rear window package tray.  The rest of the Camaro remains exactly as Tharon bought it, and is truly a “survivor!”
Charles and Tharon’s son Chuck, a good friend of Road Scholars, had a hard time seeing the Camaro parked in the Garage.  I was chatting with him a few months ago and Tharon’s obsession had become mine.  I haven’t seen a rust free original paint ’69 Camaro since I was a teenager, let alone an RS.  We both agreed it was time to find his mother’s dream car it’s second owner.


Serial No: 124379N700233

Factory options include:

1. Center console

2. Powerglide automatic transmission

3. Full wheel covers

4. AM Pushbutton radio

5. Rally Sport equipment

6. Custom interior

7. Dark Blue vinyl trim

8. 50-50 Dover White

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1969 Camaro Rally Sport (original and documented survivor) SOLD