1969 Porsche 911T Sunroof (All Original Car with 44,000 Miles) Canary Yellow SOLD

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Original window sticker with car lists special options:
1. Special order paint: Canary Yellow
2. Electric sunroof
3. Five speed gearbox
4. Comfort kit (All S trim)
5. Loud Speaker
6. Antenna
7. Catacolor Glass

We have been fortunate enough to acquire this very special 911 back recently. Kevin and I found this car five years ago and sold it to one of our friends. It’s a two owner car with just 44,000 miles on the odometer. The second owner only put 900 miles during his stewardship. Needless to say, this is still the best original early 911 that we have every bought and sold (and we have had some pretty special examples). Please read the incredible story of 119100136 below.

History of #119100136
Rarely on a wild goose chase for Porsche’s do cars turn out as advertised, but every once in a while you get lucky. Such was the case when we heard about the all-original 1969 911T seen here.

The original owner, Fred Meyer (who spent most of his career as a Porsche sales person), told us that he is getting on in age. The arthritis in his hands was affecting his ability to keep his pride and joy perfect, as he had for the last 40 years.

While waiting for Fred to open his garage, I could not help but notice his 1988 VW Rabbit GTI. Glancing at the car I said to Cam, my business partner, “who would put Michelin Pilots on a Rabbit?” The more I looked at it, the more amazed I was with the overall condition of the car. It had original paint, a pristine interior, and only 88K showing on the clock. Holy cow what a Rabbit! As the garage door opened I told Cam, “If this 911 is half as good as the Rabbit, I’m buying it.”

The yellow coupe we saw when the garage opened was ordered in the summer of 1968 just the way you would expect a Porsche salesman to order one, with all the goodies. This 911T is one of only 349 long wheelbase cars produced at the Werks One factory at the start of 1969 production.

This is a special car, not only the best original we have ever seen, but also the best documented. The options on the car are simply stunning. Starting with the special order Canary Yellow paint, this 911 is unreal, the paint near flawless. Fred also ordered sport seats, but due to production problems the car was delivered without them. The problem was easily remedied by taking the seats out of another car on the lot before delivery and paying $99 more.

Being an insider with Porsche, he discovered that the very early 1969 911s had an alignment dowel in the engine case slightly too large, causing the engine cases to crack. Porsche remedied this problem by replacing the engine just 10 days after delivery with the upgraded fix. The Kardex makes note of this change with the date and new engine number. We have never seen this before!

The car also has the Radio Prep Package. One of Fred’s old buddies was the Blaupunk rep in Southern California and gave him a new AM/FM that still remains.

The rubber on the car for the window seals, etc. is all original and in better condition than any new part we have seen because of his little trick: rubbing Xerox copier oil on the seals! They have been incredibility preserved, without even the slightest cracks. The interior of the car is crazy! Not a mark anywhere on the dash, seats, carpet, door panels, or visors. Absolutely amazing.

This is an incredibly well-documented 911, both with service records as well as period photos. Squires Autowerke in Bellevue, WA serviced the car for many years, and with only 42,000 miles the engine needed nothing when we inspected it. While flipping through the photos we found a picture of the 1973 Porsche Parade in Monterrey. The photo reveals a Class and Division win, with the award being presented by Ferry Porsche himself. When you are going through the pictures you find many period modifications, such as engine grill painted black(very common early 70′s still on the car), polished and painted Fuchs, body colored mirror, additional different wheels, solo air cleaners, and more. Thankfully, Fred had kept every original part.

Fred is truly an enthusiast and will tell you that the only reason the car is in this condition is because he is cheap and keeps all his things impeccable. I’ll tell you that Fred is a perfectionist. He won the Griot’s Preservation Award at the 2006 Porsche Parade, and needs to be thanked by all of us Porsche enthusiasts for a job well done. Fred shows us how to truly enjoy a 40-year relationship with the “other woman” by driving her, regularly servicing her, and showing her off with friends and fellow Porsche enthusiasts. He has preserved her to a standard never seen. I’m thankful for people like Fred. He has preserved history, and while history repeats itself, this particular special car will never be duplicated.

1969 Porsche 911 facts/specifications:
1969 brought the first substantive changes to the Porsche 911 lineup which now consisted of three models, the 911T, 911E and 911S.

In 1969 the B series was introduced: the wheelbase for all 911 and 912 models was increased from 2,211 to 2,268 millimeters (87.0 to 89.3 in), an effective remedy to the car’s nervous handling at the limit. Porsche also flared the wheel arches allowing wider tires to be fitted.

The T was the base model but was the most tractable and quite adequate for street use with 125 horse power.

Price New: $5,195 for a base model 911 T with no options
VIN# 119100136 was $7,385.14


1969 Porsche 911T with sunroof
Engine Number: 6195829 Replaced by factory on June 19, 1969 with #619649 on COA
Exterior Color: 6824 Canary Yellow Completely original paint
Interior: 9822 Black Leatherette Completely original interior
Mileage: 44,204 (Window sticker, service book and manuals, tool kit, extensive service work documentation)

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1969 Porsche 911T Sunroof (All Original Car with 44,000 Miles) Canary Yellow SOLD