1970 PORSCHE 914 – ALL ORIGINAL 28,816 Miles

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We have had a lot of great Porsches pass through our hands over the years, but we’ve had very few 914’s. The 914 was and is a great affordable Porsche that handles like it’s on rails. There is no doubt it’s the spiritual predecessor to the Boxster. I can only surmise the reason we haven’t had much luck finding great 914’s is simply neglect. There were so many of them – a few more than 125,000 of the 914/4s from 1970 through 1976 model years according to Jürgen Barth and Gustave Büsing’s authoritative three volume The Porsche Book. The 914s were so common they practically were ignored. The cars have always been affordable and in the 80’s and 90’s they were downright cheap. Cheap generally means they got neglected, they sat outside next to the house. “I’ll fix it next year,” became the annual mantra until the rust dissolved to dust.

Well, this is not one of those. This 914 was shipped new here in the U.S. to Autohaus Porsche in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Autohaus dealer traded the car to John Smith Porsche/Audi/BMW in Kingsport, Tennessee, where its first owner Dr. J. H. Sams, purchased the car. From then on, it has enjoyed a pampered life, the opposite of neglect and abandonment.

The Doctor had only driven 27,000 miles in the 914 when he last had it serviced in June of 1986. The second owner acquired the car in 1992 and from there it’s driven less than 2,000 miles since. The 28,816 miles are original on the odometer. And so it’s time for the next chapter.

The original paint and interior are exactly what anyone would expect a pampered 46-year old, well cared-for Porsche should be: excellent! To be sure, we’re completely servicing the mechanicals so it’s ready to be enjoyed. The books, the tools, and the records are all there and they are exceptional. The original window sticker confirms the options: The 5 speed transmission was standard equipment (only the four-speed Sportomatic was an option.) The tinted glass added the hefty sum of $55 to the tab. The appearance package was the high dollar option at $200 – and besides, who wouldn’t want chrome bumpers! Other marques were promoting their “soft Corinthian leather”, for heaven’s sake. This was the 1970s, after all!

This is an opportunity to buy a rarely seen, all-original, and well-documented Porsche us laymen can afford and enjoy for less than $40,000 that even the most exclusive collections won’t have.

Unless they get to us first.




VIN: 4702902283

MILES: 28,816

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1970 PORSCHE 914 – ALL ORIGINAL 28,816 Miles