1971 Mercedes 280SE Covertible (Sold)

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This 1971 Mercedes 280SE 3.5 Convertible has been meticulously restored to the highest standards for a very particular previous owner. This lovely cabriolet was shown a the prestigious Quail Lodge event a few year ago and was then sold to the private collection we obtained it from.

The details of this 280SE 3.5 are stunning, the silver paint remains in flawless condition laid over a straight and true body with great gaps on all of the closing panels. The bright work on the car is fantastic, the grill and all the chrome were done to show car standards, no flaws or ripples to be found, just miles of lovely chrome.

The Blue Hartzcloth top fits impeccably well and the fit is immaculate down to the headliner. The interior is a show stopper, with a wood dash that has been beautifully refinished and every chrome or polished piece has been finished and fitted to perfection. The leather is exquisite in every way, hide after hide, stitch after stitch was used to bring the interior up to its elegant perfection.

The engine compartment is incredible and the amount of work that went into the mechanical’s are mind boggling with stunning results at the turn of a key or pop of the hood. The only thing that makes this car complete is how they all work together, seamlessly, smoothly and unparalleled is the only way to describe it. I invite you to come and view what can only be defined as on of the rarest, finest restored 4 place Mercedes in the world. This car is incredible! Wow! what a well done automobile.

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1971 Mercedes 280SE Covertible (Sold)