1972 Porsche 911S (Original Paint) (SOLD)

this vehicle has been


This car has been SOLD.

This 1972 911S has lived a pampered life and remains original. The Road Scholars definition of “original” is not the same as most of the world: our definition means original, unrestored, and well-maintained.

Back in 1981 a young man named Richard Griot was looking for a new toy and found this 1972 2.4 911S. He bought it from John Hoyt of Coral Gables, Florida, who was advertising it at the time. Richard loved a clean car and spent countless hours in San Diego rubbing on this 911. His passion for cars eventually led to a career in car care with his company Griots Garage. Griots used this car to test their renowned automotive cleaning supplies and became a rolling advertisement for their products. Featured in almost all of their catalogs, this 911 is as good as they get without ever being restored.

In the mid 1990’s Richard let it go to one of his managers at Griots, Kenji. Richard kept him busy so the car became a fair weather car for cruising around the islands in the Seattle area (limits driving even more!) on nice days. Kenji spent more time on the road and he passed the torch to Mark, the President of Griots. Again the car was used sparingly and more catalog shots were taken, more products tested and more hours of rubbing consumed. Marc called us when he was sending his son to college and asked if we might be interested. We bought it and now his son’s college education should be paid for!

What I love about this car is that it can only be original once! We have had a lot of cars over the years and have found very few 42 year old cars with almost all of their original paint, let alone in this condition. I sold this car 1 1/2 years ago to one of our favorite collectors as a place holder, and just traded back for it.

The car has clearly been exceptionally well-maintained both cosmetically and mechanically. This 911S has traveled 169,000 miles and the paint is as you’d expect being rubbed on so much by true car lovers, which is to say it’s excellent. This is an opportunity to buy an original paint, documented, 2.4 liter 911S that was a one year only example with the side mounted oil door. The car is priced accordingly to its rarity and offered to the true connoisseur of original Porsches.


1972 911 S

VIN: 9112300952

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1972 Porsche 911S (Original Paint) (SOLD)