1972 Porsche 911S


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Grey Beige
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This 1972 is a very special car that has come back to us from a great collection. Years ago, I bought this car from one of our good friends (and long term owner) in the Pacific Northwest. This California based 911S has never been fully restored and instead has just been meticulously maintained throughout its life. As a result, the car benefits from never being taken totally apart and it shows with the way it drives and performs.


The story started long before most of the Porsche 911 “Chop Shops” were even a consideration 20-plus years ago. That story states that you could buy a very nice, rust free, un-modified 911, and enjoy it without mortgaging everything you owned. The car was sourced a few decades ago from Sam Cabiglio, a well-known southern California Porsche guy. While Sam has been out of the public eye for the last 15 years or so, he curating the private collection of a well-known comedian, he got that job and earned his reputation by finding great examples like this 911S.


Sam sold this S to a longtime client in Southern California who has an eye for perfection. That would be our friend Gary. Gary is a fiddler. A fiddler – not always a musician, by the way – is a guy who can never leave well enough alone and has to make it better, to the point of perfection. A pair of Porsche legends, Gary and Don Emory, touched this car. Long before Rod Emory was building his famous outlaws his father Gary and Uncle Don were well established in the Porsche world with now mythical cars, parts, and paint jobs. Gary knew where all the cars were hidden and had a crazy stash of unobtanium parts. Don was the painter of these mythical beasts and the two of these guys earned their exceptional reputation for touching the rarest and best Stuttgart had to offer. Don stripped and painted this 911 considerably more than 20 years ago and yet the paint remains exceptional, and I mean exceptional. No shrinking bonds, no waves, no ripples or poor gaps, just plain exceptional fit and finish which only can happen on a straight, true, rust-free example! The leather sports seats were re-upholstered and there are no ill-fitting reproduction parts anywhere on the car. This car has all the goodies Emory’s Parts Obsolete could provide. 


This car has always been exceptionally maintained and cared for and it shows. The rare Grey Beige color is fantastic. From the original sport seats, through-the-grille fog lights, and rear muffler skirt have survived the test of time and are virtually unseen today. The original 2.4-liter, MFI engine runs and drives flawlessly. The 5 speed shifts perfectly. The Fuchs 6 and 7 inch wheels were put on “back in the day” and are just plain old school cool. If you’re into Porsche history and don’t want to get involved in the chapters of “Chop Shops” – and would like to know your investment is safe – this is your 911.


  • Rare Grey Beige Color
  • Built by Gary and Don Emory


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1972 Porsche 911S