1972 Porsche 911T Targa (Exceptional driver)

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30 or so years ago, John Fogg (Fogg’s Auto) in Colorado Springs, Colorado was hired to repaint a gold 1972 911T Targa. The owner wanted to have it repainted because the color was “out of fashion.” This 911 had never had any rust or damage, so it was simply a color change from gold to ivory. John and his crew stripped the car and completely repainted everything to his high standards, leaving no trace of the original color.

Today, the paint reads consistently around 7 mil’s all over the car. The owners sold this 911T in Colorado Springs, where it remained until we purchased it a few months ago. The paint is excellent and only needed minor chip touch ups and a loving detailing to bring it back to its luster of 30 years ago.

The interior is original and in fantastic condition and also only needed a thorough cleaning and minor details. The engine hadn’t been serviced in a long time, so the guys at Chris’s German in Bellevue, WA completed all the maintenance, along with a few adjustments required due to years of sitting.

We get a lot of calls for “affordable” 911′s – and a solid, never rusty, numbers matching car is the hardest thing to find. This car is it! Great paint, fully serviced and sorted, nice history with no signs of damage or rust with awesome original patina, priced just under $80,000.


  • Solid, never rusty, numbers matching car
  • Great paint, fully serviced and sorted

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1972 Porsche 911T Targa (Exceptional driver)