1973 Porsche 911 RS Carrera 2.7

this vehicle has been


chassis no.
Exterior color
Raspberry Code 4545 (was originally painted Light Ivory Code 1111)
interior color
Leatherette and Corduroy

Simply the best restored 911RS

In the Porsche world of 1973 RS’s there are few names that bring nothing but in respect. Dick Moran is one of those names. Perhaps he is the name. Dick is a southern California collector who believed in the 1973 RS’s long before everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Twenty years ago he started to assemble a collection of them in one every color. Some colors were more rare than others and these simply couldn’t be found; the color you see here is one of those, Raspberry, because they manufactured just four in this color. Those colors Dick couldn’t find he just changed. Dick would take a common color, say, white, and restore it in the color he needed to advance his collection, such as this car in Raspberry.

Dick hoarded every NOS part he could find over the years. He bought only the best, rust free, undamaged example RS’s out there for his collection. I remember in the early 2000’s when Road Scholars was just getting started, an all-original black RS showed up in Mexico on eBay. We were bidding on it for a client when I got a call from an old timer in the Porsche world saying “Forget it, you’ll never out bid him, he wants it!” My reply was ‘we’ll see.” We did see, our caller was correct!

In those days a 1973 RS was a $75,000 car and Dick out bid me and got the car for $180,000 and then he restored it! I saw the car a few years later when he finished the restoration and it was flawless, breathtaking, simply amazing! We purchased this example five or six years ago for one of our great collectors back when Dick started thinning the herd. The example here was done by the same group of restoration shops in southern California as most of his others. A shop called Carrera 6 handled the body, chassis, interior, and details, while Scott’s Independent took care of the drivetrain. This example has had very few miles since restoration and performs flawlessly. I don’t know what magic Scott Hendry and his team did to the engine but it’s tuned flawlessly and it’s simply the best performing RS I’ve had the pleasure to drive. Every detail on this car is amazing, everything fits perfectly, and it all performs even better! Hell! The wheel wells are even wrapped in clear bra to keep them flawless when you drive it. This is plainly and clearly the best-restored 911RS we’ve had the pleasure of owning.


  • Finished May 1973
  • Engine #: 6630985
  • Transmission #: 7830976
  • Options: Retractable antenna left and loudspeaker

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1973 Porsche 911 RS Carrera 2.7