1973 Porsche 911E Targa

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Since its debut in 1965, 911 Targa models have proven to be so sensational that they quickly became a permanent fixture in the 911 range. 1973 was the final year of the “long-hood” 911s before the 911 underwent a redesign from the beltline down and incorporated impact bumpers at the front and rear, along with a number of updates to meet emissions standards. The 911 E stood as the mid-range model in the 911 lineup between the entry-level T and the top-of-the-line S models. The E stood for einspritzung, the German term for “injection” and noting the mechanical fuel injection system employed on the 2.4-liter flat-six. Long hood 911s are still a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts alike for their close ties to the styling and design of the early 911 models while benefitting from drivability and handling improvements.

This 911 E was purchased from a shop in Tuscon, Arizona by well-known air-cooled Porsche specialist and restorer, Mark Allen. He was made aware of the car by a friend of his who was a dealer and kept Mark in mind when he came across examples with unique color combinations, as Mark had an affinity for performing full restorations to bring them back to their former glory. When the car arrived at Mark’s shop and he began to inspect it, he was pleased to find that it ran well and had no trace of rust or accident damage. While the car’s life in the dry desert climate had played a key role in preventing rust, it had also taken its toll on the paint and interior. He elected to perform a full restoration but first reached out to Porsche Classic to verify the details of the car.

The 911 E was well optioned from the factory with the 911 S trim and appearance group option, comfort equipment, front and rear 15mm sway bars, climate control and Catacolor tinted glass, sports seats and a special-wish leather interior. No information was provided in regard to the special-wish leather interior, so Mark removed the radio to supply the production number to Porsche for further information. He was able to get a confirmation from Porsche Classic- “eknf 71 378 red”, and with that, the restoration was officially underway. The car was stripped to a bare chassis and all components were sorted, cleaned, and cataloged. The entire body was taken to bare metal and repainted in the original single-stage Black before being color sanded and buffed and reassembled. The tired leather interior was completely restored with matching special ordered Red leather and new interior panels were fitted. Even though the engine had run when the car arrived, the engine was dismantled and completely rebuilt and surprisingly showed little to no wear. The entire suspension was refreshed with new bushings and bearings, and the axles, shifter, pedal assembly, and brake system were rebuilt.

Since the 911 E’s completion, it has been a staple in an impressive collection and periodically driven by its owner. It presents today as beautifully as the day it was completed. The panel gaps are consistent throughout, and the deep black paintwork is flawless and is contrasted by the chrome trim and brushed Targa bar. The interior reflects the exterior’s impeccable condition- the red leather is supple and free of any discernible wear, and the factory Behr air conditioning blows cold for driving comfortably on hot summer days if the breeze from the open-air Targa roof if not sufficient. Whether its new owner plans to drive it regularly, display it out on the show field, or a combination of both- this 911 E is sure to please and those in search of another like it will be hard-pressed to find an example that has been this thoroughly sorted.


Number 899 of 1055 produced

Special Wishes Red leather interior

911S trim and appearance group

Sport Seats

Factory Behr Air-Conditioning

Front and Rear 15mm Swaybars

Catacolor factory tinted glass



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1973 Porsche 911E Targa