1973 Porsche 911RS M472 (Completely original with 129,000km in Tangerine) SOLD

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This is an outstanding example of an original 1973 RS 2.7 (M472) Touring model. What makes this car exceptionally rare is when we say original we mean original, as in unrestored original! Delivered by Porsche in April, 1973, this RS has had only a couple of caretakers, and care they did take.

The RS retains its original – notice I did not say “matching numbers” – as-born-with-paint, engine, and transmission. All of the optional equipment, limited slip differential, sports seats, headrests, retractable seat belts, electric aerial, and the dealer installed radio are also present.

The car has all books including the RS supplement, original Blaupunkt radio guarantee and instruction book  and even the tire compressor guarantee and instruction manual. Porsche dealer network book and typed letter explaining heater operation from Porsche (very rare) are with the car. All books are in correct burgundy wallets and instruction manual is still in plastic original dealer wallet.

This is an exceptionally well documented car with service history from its long-term English owner explaining all work done on the car, covered with the paper trail to back it up. Further documentation includes all of the MoT’s since the car went to UK in 1989, as well as insurance documents and more.

The hood was repainted (perfect match) and the remainder of the car meters out from 70 -100 microns all over. This is super-amazing originality; it is unique in condition. All of the original details are present and these make this a priceless reference car!

Details include but aren’t limited to:

Plastic pip rivets on tread plates; tack welds on wing ends; alloy arch trim and screws; rear engine lid construction and stickers; carpets; seals; nuts, bolts, screws; wiring; clips; sealant glue; trim; etc. 

If the paper trail wasn’t so complete you would mistake this car for a 29,000 km original thought it actually has recorded 129,000 kms. Finished in original, tangerine (1 of only 126 so painted), wide wheels, Recaro sport seats, and still equipped with all tools and books, including its stamped service book. This was a Swiss car maintained by its supplying dealer until 1985; brought to the UK in 1989 and owned by one family since.

In short, this is a non-repeatable, original unrestored, accident-free, and never-welded car. It’s just plain and simply a never-messed-with RS!


VIN #: 9113600998

Engine #: 6630978

1 of 126 painted Tangerine

129,000 documented kilometers

Incredible documentation with books and records



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1973 Porsche 911RS M472 (Completely original with 129,000km in Tangerine) SOLD