1973 Porsche 911RS (Third Series #1484) SOLD

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Rarely when we go on our wild goose chases for rare Porsche’s do you run into cars that are much better than advertised! That was the case for this 1973 RS we found hiding in the Pacific Northwest part of the country. We were told it had been totally restored in the early 90’s and had some show history but never in a million years did i expect to find this!

Imported to the U.S. in 1983 to Costa Mesa, California our 73 RS has have 4 owners since it hit our shores. Sometime along the way in the late 80’s she ended up languishing in a body shop in the Portland area with the right side rocker damaged and a new door fitted.

The rest of #1484 was in boxes, lots and lots of boxes. That’s when our hero of the story Sid Baker shows up. A retired Boeing engineer and perfectionist, our hero arranged to purchase the car to begin the long journey bringing #1484 back to its original glory. Sid enlisted some of Seattle best to help completely restored this RS.

Originally built in white with Blue graphics/wheels the only option I can find is a rear muffler skirt. Sid had Marv at Magic Customs (a renowned paint and body expert) in the NW do all of the body work on the car before he applied the paint, which is flawless! A paint meter doesn’t lie and wow, 8 mil’s anyplace you would care to place it and no sign of Bondo anywhere, try that on most restored cars and you’ll go home crying and cursing the plastic industry! Marv found the old photo’s of the restoration and passed them along for all to see.

The 2.7 liter engine case was gone, the new engine was built on a 2.4 911T so Sid went with it. Upon our purchase we located a proper 911/83 case out of the RS 77 or so numbers before this one and having Chris Powell of Chris’s German as a close friend put a plan in place. We are having Chris use his many years of Porsche engine building experience for our RS. A true and proper 911 RS 2.7 liter engine is being assembled as I speak and knowing Chris it will lacking nothing. The interior is exceptional and shows very little wear since its completion in 1992.

I only had to have the steering wheel recovered and new Door panels added. Sid showed the car in the early 90’s and was told it was over restored (oh my God, I love those word’s) and would never be an overall winner because of that.

Mr. Baker sold the car and she hadn’t been driven 2000 miles since. We have completely dialed in and detailed this car to our standards. We have added many details it lacked in the 90″s to now truly bring it over the top! This is a fully sorted, show quality restoration that has stood the test of time and could be matched by few others! This is a stunner!

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1973 Porsche 911RS (Third Series #1484) SOLD