1973 Porsche 911S (Completely serviced and exceptional) SOLD

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We just purchased this 1973 911S from one of our favorite collectors in the Seattle area. As an extremely knowledgeable collector, he knows the details and has a passion for making his Porsches as close to perfect as possible.

We looked at this car together some time ago trying to decide what it needed before he bought it. The car was very nice, rust free with older paint and no service records to speak of. We then discovered it had been re-imported from Japan (exported in early 1980′s) which would explain the lack of records. It seems when the cars go to or come from Japan the documents tend to get thrown out due to the language barrier.

This is a great, sympathetically restored 911S. Equipped from the factory with a Sunroof, the A/C along with sport seats appear to be dealer add-ons. Part of our collectors “tweaking” included the through the grill driving lights, the removal of the ugly U.S. bumper guards for the cleaner looking European versions, and a rear muffler skirt from his extensive parts collection.

Chris’s German’s in Bellevue, Washington handled the service to bring everything else up to snuff. If you have desired an exceptional 73 911S this car certainly fits the bill.


  • Sunroof
  • A/C
  • Sport seats
  • Grill driving lights
  • European bumper guards
  • Rear muffler skirt

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1973 Porsche 911S (Completely serviced and exceptional) SOLD