1973 Porsche 911T (Signal Yellow) Original Survivor (SOLD)

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This very early, 34,000 original mile 1973 911T was a dream trade in. Our good friend Scott happens to love great original cars and has an eye for the best. He purchased this 73 T and then a few days later I found his dream car and he was willing to trade.

Signal Yellow has to be one of the rarest colors offered in 1973and this paint is as good as it gets for original cars. Many hours of cleaning the chassis, body and interior have paid off. The engine has been removed and completely serviced by Chris’ German. Upon removal we found it had never had anything done! Cork gaskets, rubber chain ramps and original clutch all had to be updated. Along with the chain tensioner update, valve adjustment, engine resealed and clutch disc have all been done with the “tins” all freshly powder coated.

We then turned our attention to the chassis and body.The chassis had never been cleaned. Lots of degreaser and scrubbing cleaned it up nicely down to original coatings. The paint had the biggest transformation.One panel at a time, hand cleaned and lovingly rubbed to a wonderful deep showroom shine. Rocks chips happen and this car had a few we had to touch up.

One chip, one dab at a time, she came up great and with such low mileage there was not that many to fill. The fuchs has been refinished by Weidman’s and the XWX’sare great. This T has had only 3 owners, with documentation that would warrant a preservation winner anywhere it was shown. Signal Yellow, documented low mileage 911’s are rare,original paint is priceless!

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1973 Porsche 911T (Signal Yellow) Original Survivor (SOLD)