1973 Porsche Carrera RS 2.7

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Exterior color
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Black Leather and Courdoroy
130,252 kms

The Carrera RS 2.7 has undoubtedly become one of the most sought-after 911 models ever to emerge from Zuffenhausen. When the FIA created a new series for production-based sports cars, Porsche seized the opportunity to build a 911 to take on the twelve-cylinder Ferrari Daytona and V-8 powered De Tomaso Panteras in GT competition.

Homologation required a run of 500 examples, a figure Porsche’s sales department declared would be impossible to sell. Following the Carrera RS’s debut at the 1972 Paris Auto show, orders came flooding in. The initial series of 500 sold out instantly, along with a second and third run that came shortly after. The Competition Department created two different versions of the Carrera RS to appeal to customers depending on their intended use. The M471 Sport model was intended for competition use and was stripped of any unnecessary equipment in the interior, as well as incorporating additional weight-saving measures. The M472 Touring cars shared some of the features of its lightweight counterpart, but with the added comfort of sunroofs, full carpeting, audio systems, and in a handful of instances- air conditioning.

This example, Chassis 0998, was completed in April 1973 and delivered from Porsche to its first owner in Switzerland with the optional limited-slip differential, Recaro sport seats with optional head restraints, retractable seat belts and an electrically retractable antenna. It is one of the M472 optioned touring examples, but what makes it truly remarkable is that it is one of very few all original, untouched 2.7 RSs. Homologation special cars often lived a hard life, so it is not uncommon to see 2.7 RSs that have been repaired and restored over the years. Chassis 0998, however, retains nearly all of its original Tangerine paintwork- only the hood has been painted and it is a perfect match. Around the entire car, the paint measures 70-100 microns throughout.

There are a number of details that are typically only seen in period photos: the plastic pop rivets on treadplates are still intact, tack welds on the wing ends, alloy arch trim and screws, rear engine lid construction and stickers, sealant glue, etc. Incredibly, it appears that chassis 0998 is one of the very few that has never been taken apart.

Along with the car, an exceptional collection of documentation accompanies the car. All of the original books and information have been retained, including the RS supplement, the original Blaupunkt radio guarantee and instruction book, the Porsche dealer network book, and even the guarantee and instruction manual for the tire compressor. A seldomly-seen typed letter from Porsche explaining the heater operation is also included. All of the books are included in the correct burgundy wallets, and the instruction manual is still in the original plastic dealer wallet. Along with the original books, an impressive paper trail testifies chassis 0998’s service history. The original owner maintained the car through the supplying dealership until 1985 as evidenced by the stamped service book, and was imported into the UK in 1989 and owned under a single-family. Its long-term caretaker in the U.K. documented all of the service history throughout his ownership, along with all of the MoTs, insurance, and a number of other pertinent documents.

Years ago, the collector we purchased it from in the UK said “Non-repeatable, original unrestored, non-accident, never welded car.” It is a statement that still holds true to this incredible car today.


1 of 126 painted Tangerine

Meticulous documentation with books and records

M472 Touring Package

Options: 220 limited-slip differential, 258 head restraints left and right, 409 sport seats left and right, 419 retractable shoulder/lap belts left and right, 440 retractable antenna left and loudspeaker.

Engine no. 6630978

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1973 Porsche Carrera RS 2.7