1974 Porsche 911

this vehicle has been


chassis no.
Exterior color
Grand Prix White
interior color
Midnight Partial Leather
In our opinion one of Porsche’s most underrated driving experiences, and bang for your buck hard to beat!  After-all, you’re essentially getting a ‘73 RS for a fraction of the cost. Those of you who have driven a dialed in 2.7 liter engine understand it’s icon status in the Porsche world.
No. 278 is a recently restored example by marque experts.  There are complete photos of its restoration where every “i” was dotted and “t” crossed.  Our client spotted the Carrera some 20 plus years ago in a storage facility in Santa Fe, NM.  Years went by and he learned that the previous couple who owned the Carrera split up and had to sell, but learning the Carrera was still in NM.  Eventually finding out that the gentleman who now owned the Carrera lived in GA., but chose to park it at his off-the-grid property in the dry climate of Madrid outside of Santa Fe.  Fast forward to 2014 our client finally purchased the Carrera, and began the restoration knowing he was starting with a great car and that everything remained after all these years. In the end time and recourses (much more than the overall value) well spent, culminating in one of the best ’74 Carreras you will ever find.

Nineteen seventy four began a new era for Porsche, discontinuing the beloved 911T and 911E.  The mass produced base model now labeled as 911 and the top-of-the-line limited performance model deemed Carrera (sending 500 some to the States).  Yes our safety laws had an impact on US bound Porsches, but not as restricting in ‘74 as what would come in subsequent years.  Important to note in 1974 we got new bumpers, revised front spoiler, position of indicator signals, larger fuel tank (21 gal), more rigid anti-roll bars, seats integrated with headrests, side-window defroster vents, and the Carrera sported the 3-spoke leather wrapped steering wheel.  All models sporting 15” wheels around, but the Carrera retaining the popular alloy fuchs (slightly wider) instead of the “cookie cutters” mounted on the 911 and 911S models. The ‘74 Carrera also fitted with, most importantly, the legendary 2.7 liter engine and finished off with the “ducktail” rear spoiler as we first experienced with the ‘73 Carrera RS.


US Equipment
Oil Cooler – Front
Rear Spoiler (Ducktail)
Air Conditioner
Tinted Glass
Intermittent Wipers
Pirelli Tires

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1974 Porsche 911