1978 Porsche 911SC Targa

this vehicle has been


chassis no.
Exterior color
Black non-metallic
interior color
Lobster Red
39,259 Miles

For 1978, Porsche reduced the successful G-series 911 model range to just two models. The 911 SC (Super Carrera) took the place of the 911 and Carrera models. Styling remained true to the preceding models, but the SC did receive the wider body of the Carrera. Throughout the 1970s, the 911 received incremental increases in displacement, and for 1978 the 2.7-liter flat six was replaced by a 3.0-liter engine with 180 horsepower- plenty of power to get the 2,667 pound Targa moving quickly through the turns.

Late 1970 to early 1980s 911s have seen an uptick in values, but still represent a desirable and affordable option for those looking for an entry into air-cooled 911 ownership. This 1978 Targa has remained in the same family from new, and has recently undergone an extensive mechanical service. First, the engine was torn down to the case, cleaned, inspected and measured. The head studs were updated to the fully threaded 993 type, camshafts were ground and polished to factory specifications, and the updated hydraulic chain tensioners were installed before the engine was resealed and reinstalled. Updated oil lines were installed, while the engine was out, the transmission was resealed. All four brake calipers were removed and rebuilt, the brake system flushed, and all four tires replaced.

The Black non-metallic paintwork is almost entirely original, with just the hood, driver side rear fender and rear bumper re-sprayed to the original color. The seldom-seen Lobster Red interior was only offered through 1978, and is in excellent overall condition. An aftermarket Alpine radio is currently installed, although the original unit is included along with the jack, tool kit, and air pump and owners manuals. With all the mechanicals addressed and a great color combination, this 911 Targa is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an air-cooled 911 that can be reliably driven daily no matter the season.


Remained in the same family from new

Rare Lobster Red interior


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1978 Porsche 911SC Targa