1979 Volkswagen Super Beetle Convertible

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The original Volkswagen Beetle is perhaps the best-selling automobile ever produced. From its start of production in 1947 to the very last example produced in Puebla, Mexico in 2003, over 21 million Beetles were produced on the same basic platform. It quickly became a pop-culture icon in the U.S. and remains a favorite in automotive culture due to its simplicity, reliability and charming personality. It is one of the few vehicles that can truly be enjoyed by anyone regardless of status, one that was purchased by the wealthy and working class alike for its merits, not solely its low price tag.

The Beetle was sold in the United States until 1978, and continued until the early 1980s solely in convertible form. 1979 was the final year of the Karmann-built Beetle Convertible, and to commemorate the final years of its production Volkswagen produced a number of special editions for their top of the line models. One of these limited edition models was the “Triple White” Edition, such as this 1,600cc Super Beetle Convertible. As the name states, it is finished in Alpine White paintwork that is matched by the white convertible top and leatherette interior. It has been particularly well-kept since it was delivered new to its first owner in Illinois on September 7th, 1979. It was delivered with two options- rustproofing and an AM/FM stereo with 8-Track player. Over the years, its subsequent two owners have retained the factory books, manuals, and supplemental documentation along with the original bill of sale from LaGrange Import Motors. Along with the documentation that came with the car, a number of service records have been retained and will be included.

Today, this Super Beetle Convertible presents in very nice overall condition. White is undoubtedly a difficult color to keep clean, especially the case for light colored textiles, but the paintwork shines brightly and both the seating and convertible top are free of any major stains or discoloring. Nearly all of the exterior paintwork is original, the exception being the hood which had been resprayed. The wheels and tires are original as well, and evidenced by the date stamps on the wheels. An additional wheel and tire set with hubcaps are included along with the original tool roll and jack.

The Beetle is without a doubt a timeless vehicle, one that will charm those with memories of one from their past and will continue to steal the hearts of those who spend time with them for decades to come.


“Triple White” Edition

Last year of the Karmann-built Beetle Convertible


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1979 Volkswagen Super Beetle Convertible