1983 Porsche 911SC – All Original with 7,555 miles

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Every once in a while we come across a Porsche that makes us scratch our heads even though all the information is staring us in the face.

This one owner 911 SC is that head scratcher. The SC’s – you’ll remember – were the 3.0-liter “Super Carrera” models that arrived in 1978 model year to replace the 911S and the 911 Carrera versions. The original window sticker on this example lists all the normal options: Monterey Radio, Fuchs wheels, climate control, theft alarm, limited slip, platinum paint, and a rare black head liner. The perplexing one is “option group R95”, a mysterious code that came for a pricey $2,595. That was nearly 10% of the base price.

The original owner says the car today is exactly how he bought it, and that he’s never had anything done to it. That leads us to the original Bill of Sale, which lists out all the factory options. The front and rear Turbo spoilers can be the only conclusion to the mystery of R95. While I have seen these things on SC’s in the past, I have never seen hard evidence they were available from the factory for these models. (The M491 “Turbo-look” option for the next generation 3.2 Carreras is well known. And the 1980 911SC M439 Weissach edition arrived in the U.S. with a whale-tail spoiler and a flexible rubber tip for the front spoiler. But this…even folks at Zuffenhausen are scratching their heads.)

In between the window sticker and the bill of sale we have the proof. The SC has traveled only 7,500 miles since new and it is wearing its original paint, which remains near perfect. The interior is in the same condition. This is one extraordinary last-year 911SC; for 1983, Porsche exported 2,599 SC coupes to the U.S. and this is the only one with the spoilers listed on the factory sticker that we’ve ever seen.


Original Bill of Sale and Window Sticker


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1983 Porsche 911SC – All Original with 7,555 miles