1988 Ferrari 328 – Simply one of the Best with 7,028 Miles

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chassis no.
Exterior color
Rossa Corsa
interior color
7,028 Miles

You should never let a kid in a candy store unsupervised!

Here at Road Scholars we buy what we like and we like all kinds of classic cars. This 328 GTS clicked all the buttons. The Ferrari has 7,035 miles and is absolutely spotless. We have watched the prices for great low-mileage 328 Ferraris climb over the last decade just like they have for every other car with a prancing horse on the hood. But we rarely saw exactly what we wanted.

Three owners from new, this is the classic Ferrari color combo and it’s just plainly in extraordinary condition. The service records indicate it had a major service in 2008 and has covered only 62 miles since. The details attracted us to this car. The engine compartment has none of the yellowing discoloration from heat cycles as most do of these cars, and it is exceptionally clean. Since it hadn’t been serviced for 8 year, it’s going in for a complete service (belts, fluids etc.) and check over. The 328s have a reputation among Ferraristi as being one of the marques most reliable models. And unlike some other Ferraris, your mechanic doesn’t need to pull the engine from the body for routine maintenance! The 3.2-liter 8-cylinder engine developed 270 horsepower at 7,000 rpm, where it made an engine sound to send chills down your spine. Acceleration from zero-to-60 miles per hour took 5.9 seconds and Ferrari claimed a top speed for these Spyders of 163 miles per hour.

The things that attracted us to this particular car is the fact that it’s the last of the 328’s with no anti-lock brakes (Ferrari introduced them in mid-1988 and this necessitated changes in suspension configuration and road wheel design), and it’s never been messed with, not even a stereo! (As if it needed it? The music in your ears is that twin-cam eight right behind your head.)

If you look at the prices for a Porsche 930 with similar mileage, and take into account they assembled five times more of those than a Ferrari 328, these cars are the bargain.

We’ll even throw in a Detroit “Tigers” cap for the sunny drives. (For those Vuarnet sunglasses and Hawaiian shirts Tom Selleck wore? Check eBay.)

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1988 Ferrari 328 – Simply one of the Best with 7,028 Miles