1991 Acura NSX (12,700 Miles) SOLD

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This NSX is everything you could ever want in and exotic car. Low production, exceptional quality, low maintenance at half off original purchase price.

The very low mileage with a documented history with all records from the bill of sale to the original brochure and window sticker authenticate the pedigree. Serial Number 221 of the first year of production.

Hand built on an exclusive assembly line and hand pushed from one assembly area to the next. Our NSX is an early production car but was assembled after the serial number range of cars with the transmission snap-ring concern.

  • Just 12,700 miles from new.
  • Flawless original condition.
  • Iconic red/back color combination.
  • Original wheels and tires with additional aftermarket wheels and tires included.
  • All three dealer installed options (phone, cd changer and keyless entry).
  • All records including laminated window sticker
  • Original Bill of Sale
  • Annual inspections
  • Brochures and period magazine articles introducing the car.
  • Timing belt has been replaced by original owner and now by Road Scholars

New “Alex Zenardi” floor and trunk mats as well as the originals along with car cover. Lovingly cared for and preserved by the original owner until April 2011 until purchased by local enthusiast.


The car was inspected by certified NSX mechanic at the local Acura dealership and deemed exceptional in every way. Perfect for the collector anticipating the purchase of the new NSX enabling him to have one of the first plus one of the latest.

Your chance to own one of the finest made cars in existence with no stories and ultra low mileage. The exotic car you can get serviced locally and enjoy as a solid investment for many years to come.

This Japanese super car taught the world how to build an exception quality super car!

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1991 Acura NSX (12,700 Miles) SOLD