1993 Corvette ZR1 (SOLD)

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1993 Corvette ZR1

 Every once in a while someone throws you a curve ball. I was hanging out at the shop when my eye doctor stopped by one day to look at a 911T we had just gotten in, and 15 minutes later I had a 1993 ZR1 Corvette sitting in the shop – and the 911 was gone! It’s kind of a blur, and I’m really not sure what happened, but now we own it & Doc’s got a Porsche.

This 1993 Corvette with the optional 4-Cam LT5 ZR1 (1 of 245) engine is simply incredible. It has traveled only 10,000 miles since new and is a hair over 1000 miles since being “Bloomington Gold Certified” in 2008. The black paint is fantastic and nearly free of any wear and tear. The interior is fanatically kept and as clean as the exterior. Top to bottom, in and out, this is one clean Corvette.

Doc has never been one to leave well enough alone, and as the owner of this car, he spent way too much time reading and cruising Corvette blogs. All signs pointed to Hailbeck Automotive Technology (ZR1specailist.com) who tweaks these cars to exude a little bit more performance. 1 1/2 years (and $18,000) later, and Marc at Hailbeck put his 500hp package on this ZR1. The car was serviced from front to back, engine, transmission and rear end. Out back the 4.10 gear set was installed and they lowered the rear ride height an inch.

Let’s be fair to Marc; Doc is extremely exacting, so he had what you see on top finished as well as Marc’s work inside. I have never seen a repair order with so much minor stuff on it and I’m sure Marc wanted to see this car leave his shop more than Doc did!

The end result is the finest, quickest ZR1 we have seen to date. Absolutely everything works and performs flawlessly, and this car is tremendous! Priced at $32,000, this is a lot of bang for the buck and an extremely well-documented, rare example.

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1993 Corvette ZR1 (SOLD)