1994 Acura NSX

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The ‘94 NSX is the last year of the hardtop before all production switched to the NSX-T (targa) in 1995, supporting the NSX’s original rigidness while incorporating the body bracing of the targas just with a hardtop. The real rarity of this example is that only 32 were made in white and 24 made in the White/Black color combo, it meters out across the board and tells no stories involving a paint booth. Add the bonus that it has only traveled approximately 17,000 miles on the original 270hp 3.0 V-6 engine in 24 years and preserving its original fit and finish from when it was handmade and pushed down the assembly line in 1994.

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A few tasteful upgrades have been made that include more braking power thanks to the StopTech brakes (original brakes included). A set of ProForm Forged wheels (original wheels included) that are plus one size in the front and rear making them an inch taller and a hair wider for more grip. The short shifter makes rowing through the 5 gears extremely entertaining and last but not least, a complete Comtech exhaust for extra airflow accompanied by a nice pitch. Tasteful upgrades that only improve the response and feel of what Acura had already given us.

The early NSX market is one of those cars that seemed underrated, undervalued, and overlooked when considering a collector car before 2013. Five years ago you could have scooped up an extremely low mileage mint condition one for around an average price of $40,000. Today, that same car would be in the high $90’s according to hagerty.com. The Gen Xer’s and older Millennials are finally able to purchase the art they had hanging on their walls as a kid, driving not only price but popularity to the NSX marque.



  • 1 of 512 produced in 1994
  • 1 of 24 produced in White/Black

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1994 Acura NSX