1997 Porsche 911 Twin Turbo “paint to sample” Blood Orange (9,300 miles) SOLD

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At Road Scholars we search the world looking for the finest Porsche’s and collectible sports cars money can buy. This 1997 Turbo that we have been trying to buy for over five years is outrageous. I have drooled over it for many years and every time I made an offer to the owner, he raised the price. The California collector who owned the car is a perfectionist and owns only the best of any example.

This “paint to sample” Blood Orange 993 twin turbo is the pinnacle of the air cooled Porsche design and heavily optioned. The loaded up turbo was ordered with rear seat delete, full carbon fiber interior, and factory sport seats. The story only gets better from there.

Andial Performance, the world renowned Porsche Racing Shop in Southern California did one of their 3.8 Liter, Twin Plug, 2 stage engine packages on the car. The Andial package is good for 575 hp on pump gas and 650 hp in the “sport” mode. Twenty turbo’s got the 3.8 package and only a hand full had the 2 stage kit installed at Andial. Dieter Inzenhofer (co-owner of Andial) has just announce they have been bought out by Porsche Motorsports. Andial will be closing its doors on March 29th, the day our turbo will leave there for good after a full check by the master himself.

The sale of Andial ends an era of Porsche sports car racing. Thank you Arnold, Dieter and Alwin for the memories of 935’s spiting flames in the wee hours of Daytona and helping so many great drivers become household names!

The drivers to name a few:
Al Holbert, the Andretti’s, the Unser’s, A.J. Foyt, Derek Bell, Rolf Stommelen, J. Rutherford, Danny Ongais, the Whittingtons, Bob Wollek, Harald Grohs, Hurley Haywood, Hans Stuck, Jim Busby, Pete Halsmer, Jeff Zwart, and many more.

More pictures and full description coming soon….


VIN: WPOAC2990VS375357
Mileage: 9,300

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1997 Porsche 911 Twin Turbo “paint to sample” Blood Orange (9,300 miles) SOLD