1998 Porsche Carrera 2S

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chassis no.
Exterior color
Arctic Silver
interior color
Black Leather
17,918 Miles

Early in 1990, Tony Hatter was enlisted the task of leading the design of the 993 and to modernize the shape of the 911, as both engineers and stylists within the company felt that the 964 too closely resembled the early 911s and a change was long overdue. At this time, the revolutionary 959 had already reached iconic status and the 989 four-door concept had been in the works, so he and his team were able to draw inspiration from those to incorporate into the design language of the 993. Tony’s design incorporated front and rear fenders which were both wider and flatter with swept-back headlights, all of which made for a modern, sleek, and organic shape that made the 964 appear angular in comparison. 

It was the most substantial redesign of the 911 since its inception and improved on virtually every system throughout the car. The 993 generation carried only 20% of shared parts with its predecessors and was the first 911 to feature a 6-speed gearbox. Handling was vastly improved thanks in part to the new all-alloy multi-link suspension and light alloy subframe, and road noise was vastly reduced with the new suspension system. Additionally, the car’s ergonomics, braking, and air conditioning were improved and a completely redesigned engine meant that the 993 was one of the most civilized and capable 911s to date. 

The 1998 model year marked the impending end of the air-cooled engine and the final year of the 993 platform. Porsche began producing the coupe models in a turbo-look wide-body form. First was the all-wheel-drive Carrera 4S, and later the rarer rear-wheel-drive Carrera S. Carrera S models, such as this example, have the added benefit of shedding the additional heft of the all-wheel-drive system giving them a slight weight advantage over the 4S. These models employed the Turbo’s wide body shell with its massive fenders along and many of the Turbo’s accoutrements, but with the 285 horsepower, 3.6-liter Variocam, M64 twin-plug engine residing in place of the twin-turbocharged version. Lower suspension, solid-spoked version of the striking 18×8 and 10-inch Turbo Twist wheels, and red four-piston calipers with 322mm discs front and rear added to the aggressive stance of the S models. The Carrera S also received an engine lid with a distinctive vertical split grille.

This 1998 Carrera S was originally delivered to its first owner at The Collection in Coral Gables, FL, and has been pampered throughout its life by its subsequent owners. With less than 18k miles clocked on the odometer and the care bestowed on it by its previous owners, this Carrera S has been preserved in excellent condition throughout. Included with the car are the original owner’s manuals, original window sticker, tool kit, and space-saver spare, along with the original radio which had been replaced with a Porsche Classic Radio Navigation unit. 

Over 20 years later, the Carrera S is as visually striking as ever. For many, it hits the perfect balance of vintage and modern in terms of both driving dynamics, aesthetics, and feel. As the final chapter in the air-cooled 911 and the poster car for a younger generation of Porsche enthusiasts, the 993 Carrera S will remain a sought-after model for many years to come.


Porsche Classic Radio Navigation unit

Original Owner’s Manuals, Window Sticker, and Tool Kit

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1998 Porsche Carrera 2S