1998 Porsche Carrera 2S

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Arctic Silver
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Porsche’s 993 “vintage” is at the top of many enthusiast’s preferred 911 list for many reasons. Certainly, its evolution in automotive technology over its predecessor 964 is one cause. But to us, we like to think of the 993 at this point in time as being “an older car with a new feel.” As the poster 911 for younger Porsche fanatics, the 993 will remain a top choice for many years to come.

In the last year of their air-cooled engines, Porsche produced 993 C2S models. It remained true to the rear-wheel-drive origins of the 356 and the 911 even with all the other advances in the 993 (other than the all-wheel-drive set up as in the Carrera 4, 4S, and Turbo models.) Tony Hatter’s design introduced wider and flatter front and rear fenders, the ole 911 bug eyes no more a part of Porsche’s design language. Leading edges starting in the roofline flowed on down into each panel leaving us with a 911 very different from prior years and one with new pleasing eye appeal. It was less angular than the 964, resulting in a more organic shape.

In its original Arctic Silver paint over Black leather, this C2S has been pampered all its life. Careful scrutiny reveals a little wear in the seat bolsters indicative of 17k miles, but it’s nothing a couple of hundred bucks couldn’t improve. Originally delivered to its first buyer at The Collection in Coral Gables, FL each of its previous owners maintained this 911 as if part of their family, resulting in its stunning preserved appearance today.

The 993 C2S is somewhat of a low production number – in the mid-three-thousands for the entire world – and between its infrequent appearance and its aggressive stance, these are possible reasons for their growing popularity. Taking all market speculation out and simply looking at, driving, and feeling these Carreras, they are hellaciously fun 911s to pilot. Equipped with its naturally aspirated 3.8 liters 285 horsepower flat-six and all the Twin Turbo accouterments there is plenty of power, full of driver feedback, in a comfortable cockpit in this sport-purpose coupe, the very last of a legend.

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1998 Porsche Carrera 2S