2001 Ruf 3400S (1 of 12) One owner with 13,415 miles SOLD

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Ruf Automobile introduced the 3400S in late 1999, as their first vehicle based on Porsche’s then-new Boxster. Unlike Ruf’s 911 based offerings, which usually feature new lightweight body panels, the 3400S was centered mainly on an engine-swap.
Porsche was still offering only one version of the Boxster in ’99, with a 2.5 liter, 200 horsepower flat-six as the only available power plant. Ruf techs would remove the factory engine, replacing it with a lightly tuned version of Porsche’s 3.4 litre, 310 horsepower flat-six from the early 996 generation 911.

In order to properly handle the new engine, structural modifications were made to the Boxster chassis, both to allow for the engine’s physical mounting and to help make the platform more rigid, giving it better handling to go along with the added power output. Larger brakes, GT3 front bumper, sports exhaust, a Ruf-spec suspension system and new aerodynamics rounded out major changes, while larger Ruf wheels with more aggressive tires helped increase grip. GT3 Sport Seats and a 911-instrument package with five dials instead of three complete the Ruf custom interior.

RUF 3400S Review
By Robert Farago on November 15, 2001

“The Porsche Ruf Boxster 3400S is a revelation. Mixing the 911’s more powerful engine with the Boxster’s lighter chassis is a sure way for exciting performance. This is accomplished by shoehorning a water-cooled 3.4 litre 911 engine into the Boxster. The resulting machine is one of the most exciting cars with Porsche DNA.

On the Ruf Boxster there is 19-inch wheels which carry 235/35ZR19 tires up front, 275/30ZR19s in the rear. The 0-60 mph sprint takes just 5.0 seconds, the 100 mph marker falls in 11.5 seconds, the Boxsters top speed is 175 mph. The Ruf Boxster 3400S is totally focused on driving pleasure and is one of the best sports cars in the world.

Fire-up the 3400S and the sports seats suddenly seem less ridiculous. The re-worked exhaust resurrects the raspy, aggressive bark cherished by devotees of the air-cooled 911. The sound is both nostalgic and addictive. It’s a little strange to be blipping the drive-by-wire throttle of a Boxster- a car continually criticized for not being “a real Porsche”- hearing noises that make standard Carreras sound like automotive castrati.
Snick the Boxster’s six-speed into first, press the loud pedal, release the clutch and things get even stranger. The 3400S rockets forward with unrestrained zeal. When the 310hp engine hits its sweet spot, at around 3500rpms, it pulls with supercar ferocity. The surround-sound wail hardens, and the thing just gets up and goes.
The numbers tell the tale. Zero to sixty in 5.1 seconds. Rest to 100 mph in 12.4. Compared to the Boxster S- itself no slouch- the 3400S is almost a full second faster to sixty, and 2.2 seconds quicker to the ton. The RUF car finally runs out of steam at an astounding 171mph.”


2001 Ruf 3400S Boxster
VIN: W09 CM2 34 Z1P R06 006
1 of 12
Body in white from Porsche AG (documented build photographs from RUF)
Painted viper Green by Ruf for customer
Original owner 3400S
Mileage: 13,415

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2001 Ruf 3400S (1 of 12) One owner with 13,415 miles SOLD