2003 Ferrari Enzo (3,356 Miles) SOLD

this vehicle has been


1st Owner
6/12/2003 Ferrari on Hawaii

2nd Owner
10/6/2003 Wide world of cars
380 miles

4/20/2007 sold to California dealer with 983 miles

5/15/08 sold to Pennsylvania dealer with 1305 miles

3rd Owner
6/30/2010 sold to David Scaife (Backer/owner of the PA dealership)
2,832 miles and titled in Montana


2003 Enzo Rosso Corsa VIN: 131883

3,356 miles no paint work or accident history

5000 mile has been completed on 8/3/07 with 975 miles at Wild World of Cars in NY.

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2003 Ferrari Enzo (3,356 Miles) SOLD