2005 Ford GT (SOLD)

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2005 Ford GT

This 2005 Ford GT is a really cool car and has a great story. This was the first GT delivered to Crossroads Ford in Cary, NC, one of the largest Ford dealers in the country. Everybody in town went to see this thing and MSRP had the little added markup sticker next to it. Raleigh is a small pond, but has a few big fish in it. A couple of those fish wanted the car and eventually paid a big premium for it. The car was delivered with 51 miles to the first owner. The car came back on the market in 2010 and our collector had the chance to buy it again so he jumped on it. The GT had only covered 175 miles, so a full service was called for to flush all the fluids and take care of any warranty campaigns.

Our collector is an interesting guy. He grew up around here and has been collecting since the mid-1950’s. He has owned over 360 cars and is truly a car guy. He had always been a Shelby fan (bought 4 Cobras “new”) and fast Fords, so this was the ultimate for him.

This GT has traveled less than 1,900 miles since new. This is also one of the first 50 GT’s produced, so the car was evaluated by the team of engineers who designed the car on September 19, 2004 at their Michigan Proving grounds, Hence, the 51 miles at delivery. The GT has all 4 options and is spotless. The window sticker, books, service records and signed letter from the engineers with their evaluation are included.


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2005 Ford GT (SOLD)