2016 Porsche Boxster Spyder

this vehicle has been


chassis no.
Exterior color
GT Silver
interior color
Garnet Red Leather
52 Actual Miles

Many of our clients received allocations for a 2016 Spyder. And, truth be told, most of them thought they would sell it. But instead they’re driving them or their wives are driving them. And that, truth be told, is because, essentially, they’re in an open GT4! And Spyder owners understand how much fun these Spyders are. And oh, well, the cost vs. value-received equation is hard to beat.  

You can buy a lot of things for roughly $100,000, but we are wide open to discussion if there is anything at this same price point that provides similar feedback to the driver, that is sexier, that is more fun to drive, that is as awesome as this engine/intake sound, and…perhaps even more important…that is this well built. Porsche knocked it out of the park bringing the Spyder back after its five-year hiatus. 

Holding true to its heritage—with strong resemblance to the first Porsche Spyder introduced in 1953, and still faithful to original Boxster’s designer Grant Larson and his RS60 inspiration—it is expensive enough for a double take. But it’s so good you won’t care. Because you are thrusted by the first generation 991 Carrera S 3.8 liter engine in Porsche’s lightest-weight platform, gifted with Turbo steering, 911 brakes, and blessed with a six-speed manual transmission. It’s faithful to its heritage, but technology has provided more power and better aerodynamics. 

Porsche even offered a PDK for these things, which, as we recall, wasn’t an option for a 550. Oh… but wouldn’t that be interesting and an entirely different conversation. (Can you hear my LOL right now?) We definitely prefer these Spyders fitted with the manual!

All this has culminated in Porsche’s best Spyder to-date, and, in our humble opinion, Porsche’s best tour option driver yet, all in line with what a Porsche Spyder should be.

The only owner (so far) of this Spyder spec’d out a beauty. Nicely done! The front end was wrapped, yet the owner didn’t drive it: that was a combination of little time and more than one Porsche to choose from.

It presents in “like new” condition inside and out (you may feel free to insert your choice of cheesy sales pitch lingo here). This Spyder comes complete with its Monroney window sticker, two—count ‘em, two—keys in body color, books, and all the other do-dads Porsche throws in these days with new car purchases. In other words, this is a killer optioned-out example in the forever-popular Silver/Red color combination.

Yes, sure. Our friends and other 911 nuts might roll their eyes at this. But, then again, you won’t care because you’ll likely be blasting past them in second gear while they’re gasping into third. With that great naturally aspirated sound that we know is not the future, and a feeling of Porsche heritage and old-fashioned pride, this Boxster Spyder is simply fantastic.


Wheels Painted in Platinum

Roadster Top in Black

Full Bucket Seats

Carbon Dorr Sills

Windshield Top Tint

Tinted Tail Lights

CDR Plus Audio System

Extended Range Fuel Tank

Spyder Classic Interior

2-zone A/C

Porsche Dynamic Lighting System

Light Design Package

Reverse Camera

Wind Deflector

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2016 Porsche Boxster Spyder