2018 Dodge Demon

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Well here it is, the fasted damn thing to ever roll out of Detroit and onto the strip! Everything you can say about this Demon has been said so I won’t bore you. The car and its crate are here and ready to go!


Top Gear reported:

  • The world’s fastest production vehicle 0-60mph time. Posting a satanically fast time of just 2.3 seconds – with rollout that time sinks to 2.1 seconds – it is faster than a Bugatti Chiron (2.4secs) and the Tesla P100D with Ludicrous Plus (2.3 and a little bit). And that’s with the Demon being rear-wheel drive only compared with those two cars’ all-wheel drive platforms.


  • The world’s fastest-ever production car over the quarter mile. Ready for this time? The Dodge Demon trips the lights at an insanely fast 9.65 seconds and on to a top speed of 140mph. You want a comparo? The latest ultra cars from McLaren, Porsche, and Ferrari can manage ‘only’ 9.8 seconds. The Chiron might ultimately beat it when it finally appears. But for now the Demon is the king of the quarter mile.


  • The highest production car acceleration G-force. You can’t achieve the above feats without some physics happening. And the Demon is no different. Consider for a second what 1.8G of acceleration in the Demon feels like. Yeah, exactly.


  • The world’s first production car to fully lift its front wheels while accelerating. Yes, you read that right: the Demon pulls wheelies. Not huge, rear bumper-destroying ones. But a wheelie is a wheelie when it’s the world’s first. And that’s not just Dodge’s claim – it brought along the folks from the Guinness World Records to verify it, which they did. It was only for 2.92ft (0.89m) but it earned the Demon the title of ‘The longest wheelie from a standing start in a production car’.


  • Been banned by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) from any of its member tracks. Quite simply, for being too fast.


  • 1.8G’s of acceleration
  • Faster than Bugatti Chiron

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2018 Dodge Demon