Late production 1965 Porsche 911 (White Glove) One of the best documented 911’s in existence

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It was September 14, 1965 when Paul and Helen Dickey walked into Vasek Polak’s Porsche dealership in Manhattan Beach, California, and signed there names on the bottom line for their new Porsche 911. Paul’s brother later lamented “I saw Paul’s Porsche once, before I moved from California. His love for that vehicle could only be compared to the love he had for his wife”. Paul’s care for the care is unbelievably well documented. He never worked on the car himself but only the most trusted of mechanics got the job. The 911 was serviced at Polak’s from new until late 1974. That was when a few of his most talented mechanics left Vasek to open their own shop, Andial!

In 1975 Paul’s 911 had accumulated 95,000 miles and the original paint was no longer up to his very particular standards. He went to one of Southern California’s best painters, Big Al Martinez. Al painted so many Porsche’s he printed up a brochure explaining what was involved and the difference between lacquer and enamel, as well as custom touches available in 1975. Paul chose a few of those custom touches Al offered: the rear update panel (replace the license panel), and “S” front bumper “splitter”. They were the perfect complement to the McAfee wheels Paul had installed in 1968. The bare metal re-paint came out to almost $3,000, a huge sum back in 1975. The condition of that paint today is the true testament to its quality. I could continue with a few more decades of history on this 911 but it needs to be seen to be believed. This is an “R” gruppe car decades before it was cool.

White glove also comes with it’s original parts to transform it back to stock condition:

  1. Four date stamped steel wheels
  2. Four original hub cabs
  3. Original front bumper apron (with rare lead weights)
  4. Original wood steering wheel
  5. Original shift lever and base
  6. Original Solex Carburetors and air cleaner
  7. Original dealer installed air conditioning under the dash unit, compressor, and engine lid coil
  8. Original rear license plate and bumper guards
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Production Completion Date: 11/03/1965

Chassis No: 302596

Engine No: 902429

Transmission No: 223780 (Type 902/1)

Exterior Color: Light Ivory/6604

Interior Material Color: Black Leather

Optional Equipment:

  • ‘Webasto’ Heater
  • Outside Thermometer
  • Prepared for Headrest- Right
  • Loudspeaker
  • Electric Antenna
  • Tinted Glass All Around
  • ‘Koni’ Shocks
  • Phoenix Tires
  • Leather seats (listed on original Bill of Sale from Vasek Polak)
  • Air conditioning (listed on original Bill of Sale from Vasek Polak)
  • Two head rests (listed on original Bill of Sale from Vasek Polak)
  • Seat belts and side mirror (listed on original Bill of Sale From Vasek Polak)

Other Highlights:

  • Original owner until 2012
  • Featured in book “Porsche 911 Buyer’s Guide” by Randy Leffingwell
  • Four inches of historical documentation from Vasek Polak, Andial, and Prestiage Auto Service
  • Tool kit, jack, original 911 brochure, and original rare Porsche factory air conditioning brochure
  • Comes with original parts to turn back into stock configuration
  • Completely serviced and ready to be enjoyed by a new care taker



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Late production 1965 Porsche 911 (White Glove) One of the best documented 911’s in existence