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Issue : December 2016

Christmas Gifts to Yourself

With the gift-giving holidays just weeks away, it's important to remember to give yourself something as well. Consider it your hard-earned reward for surviving the ever-so-exciting election year drama. What you'll find here is good stuff to read - and hear! Porsche...

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New Year’s Thoughts

Well folks, the election is over and whew, what a ride. It doesn't matter which party you voted for as half my friends are pissed and think the world is coming to an end and the other half are ready to "rock and roll." Now that the election is over, what about the...

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December Editor’s Note

My two-week research trip to Zuffenhausen delayed this issue. I apologize. I had hoped to finish the issue before I left - just before Thanksgiving - but the flu had other ideas and then Internet connections had still other influences. The talk throughout Porsche...

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