Deep Dive into the Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS with Cam Ingram


The Carrera 2.7 RS has undoubtedly become one of the most sought-after models ever to emerge from Zuffenhausen. When the FIA created a new series for production-based sports cars, Porsche seized the opportunity to build a 911 to take on the twelve-cylinder Ferrari Daytona and V-8 powered De Tomaso Panteras in GT competition. 

Homologation required a run of 500 examples, a figure Porsche’s sales department declared would be impossible to sell. After the 1972 Paris Auto show where the Carrera RS made its debut, orders came flooding in. The first series of 500 sold out, along with a second and third run. 

The Competition Department created two different versions of the Carrera RS. The M471 Sport model was intended for competition use and was stripped of any unnecessary equipment in the interior, as well as incorporating additional weight-saving measures. The M472 Touring cars shared some of the features of its lightweight counterpart, but with the added comfort of sunroofs, full carpeting, audio systems, and in some instances- air conditioning. 

While all of this is fairly common knowledge among Porsche enthusiasts, fewer know the specifics of what differs between the two options. In this video, Cam Ingram shares his intricate knowledge of the differences between the M471 Sport and the M472 Touring packages. 

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