Disconnect to Connect – Road Scholars in Boston


Immediately following Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta and in the midst of planning the Sport Purpose/911R driving event, Cam and Tim’s services were requested in Boston, Massachusetts. Autumn was in full swing up in New England and the yellow, oranges, and reds of the foliage were approaching their peak. It seemed like a great opportunity to get together with a small group of our friends and clients in the area for a quick leaf-peeping drive. A few phone calls to our friends Stephen Serio, Bob Lepofsky, and Alex Finigan, and the plans were set. 356s seemed to be the perfect choice for a laid back cruise through the quaint New England towns and roads along the cape. No Bluetooth or brute horsepower, just a few hours to enjoy the character of the cars we were in, the scenery, and the company of like-minded friends.

The group met just outside of Boston and headed to meet Alex at Paul Russel and Company at their awe-inspiring facility before driving through the small towns and farms of Essex toward the cape. We stopped for a quick lunch on the canal and conversation before setting our sights on the coast. We set off through another small town before reaching some open roads to stretch the 356s legs on. Before long, we arrived at Crane Beach just as the fog and mist rolled in, obscuring the view of the coastline. We hopped back into the 356s and retraced our route back toward Boston for a home-cooked meal and conversation that lasted well into the evening.

In this modern world, laden with distractions, it’s important to disconnect from the technology that can overwhelm the bulk of the day and connect with the people and world around you. Sometimes, a vintage car can be the perfect tool to do just that. 

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