Down the Porsche Rabbit Hole


Everyone’s dream: getting your very first Porsche!

But which one? Project 914? C4 Cabriolet with room for golf clubs? Cayenne Turbo S for those epic all-terrain drives to…the mall? GT3RS might be just right for Cars and Coffee. Maybe a 550…but is one really enough? There were two seaters and then later versions had center steering…

You’ll need a lift, won’t you? Not that you’re planning to work on the car. But it is fun to watch it go up and down. And with a lift, there’s room for the family car underneath or…the second Porsche. Really, the values are going up. Having a second one could be good for the portfolio. Have to think of retirement, you know.

What’s that? Your neighbor has a 356 and you don’t? Intolerable! Oh, but which one of those? Type C? Too common. B? Merely a stepping stone. A? Now there’s a classic. Pre-A. Hey, everyone knows Porsche never made anything called a Pre-A!!!! Get the terminology straight. It’s the German way or No way. Originality’s a must, though having an outlaw could be fun. Wait…how many Gmünd coupes were there? How do I find one? I want one. I need one.

Looking for a storage space now. Wife was a little nervous when the family car ended up in the driveway, then on the street when the third and fourth Porsches took those spaces. Of course it’ll need to have a restroom, since spending time there will be only the natural thing to do. And a fridge. Microwave, obviously.

Posters. But only the good, real ones. No repros. That hanging light bulb has to go, too. Need the proper accent lights to show off those exotic Porsche colors. And for the posters too. The workshop stools need to go too. Time for a Lazy Boy or two, maybe three. Wait, a storage space is just wrong. What’s really needed is the Car Condo, with an upper-level professionally decorated “Man Cave.” Billet-framed, glass-surfaced coffee table, looking through to the authentic 4-cam motor, encased in Lucite. A 917 connecting rod paperweight is a must to hold down the back issue of Porsche Panorama, Excellence, 356 Registry, Classic 911, 911 World… It has to be right, just in case Vic drops by, or Jerry, or Jay…

Winter months are coming.

Can’t chance taking the cars out. Need a driver simulator. Computer versions are too basic. Need bigger screen. Or several of them. A seat that rocks forward and back, and side-to-side for the g-force effects. And pedals with proper resistance. And better sound. Might need a new shelf for the miniatures, book, and memorabilia. Oh, but that’s too big, it looks empty. There’s a thing called the L.A. Toy and Literature meet? Gotta go.

But which version of Le Mans? DVD or Blu-Ray? And what size screen? A 60”, a 70”, an 80”, isn’t there a 100″ yet? Umm, 4K, of course. But didn’t Apple just start advertising 5K? Is that even a thing or just a price? Flat or curved screen? Is it possible to have 3D, but without the glasses? Speaking of glasses, Steve McQueen was so cool and he was a Porsche guy. Where can I get some Persols?

What month is Le Mans anyway? June. Hmmm. The kids aren’t quite out of school yet. But a cultural trip…? They should get credit for that. And with a trip to a museum. Stuttgart isn’t that far away, is it? And how about the Nurburgring? There is an old castle there. Maybe some history lessons on medieval Germany? And Italy? Wasn’t the Targa named after something there?

Porsche really is a heritage and a lifestyle thing!

Food for thought, especially when considering your first Porsche purchase.

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