Editors Note – April 2018



We chose to delay our “delivery” date to till after dreaded tax day so you might find something enjoyable to distract you.

In our April issue, Kevin Watts weighs in on his thoughts about Amelia Island’s auctions and the collector car market in general.

Our regular contributor Sean Smith shows us and tells us of the saga of pursuit of the perfect Convertible D. Seans’ images are enough to make you want to climb into the screen and drive the car! And his text tells a story of patient obsession.

Finally we report on the auction results from Amelia. The numbers support Kevin’s observations.

Friends in Europe are saying, “it looks like Spring”, and so do car buddies here in the U.S. It’s definitely time to awaken your hibernating treasures, go out for a drive, and remind yourself of your own patient obsessions and why you enjoy them so much.

Thanks for reading us.

Randy Leffingwell


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